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Brownjohn Consulting

Brownjohn Consulting

Trade and Investment

    Coordinate and assist in PNA Party investment missions and seminars in Brussels, China, and Fiji with several large investments proposed in the region.

    Also technical support to EU- EPA /IEPA negotiations 2000-2017.

    Technical support to PIFS in post Cotonou  EPA trade negotiations 2019-

    Addressing EU yellow cards in the region and enhances flag state compliance.

    Additionally supporting  annual ministerial meetings and the 1st  PNA Presidential tuna summit in 2010 and 2nd Presidential tuna summit  in 2018

    Targeted PNA private sector assistance with tuna related  industry initiatives, and adding value, provide regional advise including not just tuna but Deep sea mining,  Beche De Mer and the PNG prawn sector.

    Advisory to 2 PNG Prime ministers and 3 Fishery ministers, period 2016 to current,   in restructuring and currently review of  the domestic processing sector, moving from discounts to processing rebates,. This has seen a dramatic increased in employment and exports with more fish processed in PNG achieving over 50% increase in exports and 100% increase in government revenues annually in 2018 and 2019. A model now being studied by several other countries in the region including Solomon islands, RMI, FSM, and Kiribati.