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Happy World Tuna Day – 2nd May

    World Tuna Day (WTD) is celebrated annually on May 2nd to raise awareness about the importance of tuna and promote sustainable fishing practices. The inception of WTD traces back to 2012 when it was launched in Alotau, Papua New Guinea (PNG). However, despite its growing recognition and support from various nations, its legitimacy was questioned due to the lack of endorsement from the United Nations (UN).

    In an intriguing turn of events, during a WTD function hosted for the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) ambassadors and their allies in New York, doubts were cast over the status of World Tuna Day. It was emphasized that without endorsement from the UN, the designation of “World” in World Tuna Day could be contested. This revelation highlighted the need for formal recognition on an international level to solidify the significance of the occasion.

    The breakthrough came in December 2016, when the United Nations officially ratified World Tuna Day, garnering an impressive 94 endorsements without a single vote against it. This pivotal moment not only validated the importance of WTD but also underscored the global consensus on the vital role of tuna in sustainable development and food security.

    World Tuna Day serves as a platform to address pressing issues such as overfishing, illegal fishing practices, and the conservation of marine ecosystems. It provides an opportunity for stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, fisheries management organizations, and the private sector, to collaborate and devise strategies for the responsible management of tuna resources.

    The celebration of World Tuna Day goes beyond mere acknowledgment of a species; it symbolizes a commitment to preserving our oceans’ biodiversity and ensuring the well-being of coastal communities reliant on tuna fisheries for their livelihoods. Through education, advocacy, and collective action, World Tuna Day continues to inspire positive change towards a more sustainable future for our oceans and the invaluable resources they provide.